Deaf and Dumb


It is a well known fact that initial years of a child are important for the overall development of a child. Mother plays a vital role in it. She does not teach a child a language but also makes it convenient for learning. A child copies the same words which her mother speaks. Unfortunately this principle does not apply to a deaf and dumb child. When a child is not able to listen a word , that child finds difficulty in searching her language. A child who is not deaf or dumb in her early years tries to convert her voice of a noise to sound and that of a sound to a voice and voice to a language. But a deaf child is unable to listen a sound and that child is not able to develop their voice and this is causes dumbness. The worth of parents should try to recognize at an early level of deafness and dumbness to their children.

Treatment method For Deaf and Dumb :

Age Limit : Minimum 7.5year and maximum 24 years.

We accept "Hearing Aid" used patients and we are also accepting "operated Failure Patients" . But we are NOT ACCEPT ADVANCED BIONICS (AB), AND COCHLEAR IMPLANT PATIENTS.

Treatment Course : 7.5 year to 24 year deaf and dumb is 3.5 years.
Treatment method is Internal medicine to the patients by way of our siddha medicine. There is no side effect.
We are proud to inform you that the Deaf and Dumb people will get the hearing power after pouring our medicine and speak minimum 1 to 100 words within 3 hours (Result should be varied patient to patient ).

• No Need of Operation

• No Need of Earring Aid

• No Need of Cochlear implantation

• No Need of Sign languages

• No Need of Lip reading.