Late Dr.Samigiri Siddhar was started this treatment in the year 1965. He had cured very many lakhs of patients by practicing this siddha type of medicine for over several decades. He had established very great reputation in Tamilnadu. After his death we carry over and follows his method and manner of treatment. We prepare oil from rare herbal plants and the same is applied to the patients who came for treatment. There is no side effects cause from this medicine.
Siddhar Ear Foundation Managing Director is S.Arunagiri S/O Dr.Samigiri Siddhar and the Director is S.Girivasan S/O Dr.Samigiri Siddhar.
Our Head Office is Coimbatore , Director S.Girivasan is looking and head over the Coimbatore hospital and giving treatment to the patients.
We have branches in
  • Chennai
  • Salem
  • Trichy
  • Madurai